Epz 200 Series 

Product Specification

  • Charging Box Size (H x W x D) mm:35mm * 65mm * 30mm
  • Earphone Size (H x W x D) mm:25mm*22mm*15mm
  • Earphones Weight :One earphone 4.8 gr
  • Color Options:3 Colors
  • Maximum Input :DC 5V
  • Earphone Type :Canal Type
  • Sensitivity:103 ± 2db
  • Frequency Band:20-20000Hz
  • Remote Control / Microphone:Remote control / Microphone Compatible
  • Impedance:16Ω
  • Function:Wireless (left and right separation)
  • Wireless Connection:Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth Class:Power Class 2
  • Bluetooth Profile:A2DP/AVRCP/HFP/HSP/SPP
  • Bluetooth Version:Bluetooth v5.2
  • Bluetooth Codec:AAC / SBC
  • Waterproof and Drip-Proof:IP56 Waterproof
  • Music Playback Time:5 hours + With Charger Box 30 hours
  • Case Charge Count :4 times
  • Case Charging Time :2.5hours
  • Earphone Charging Time:1.5 hours
  • Charging Terminal :TYPE C Interface
  • Accessories:USB Type C cable,  Ergonomic earpiece, User manual
  • Charging Case Battery Capacity: 450mAH
  • Driver unit:8mm 3-layer PU+PEK+Titanium Dynamic Driver Moving Coil Unit
  • Earphone Battery Capacity:3.7V / 45mAh


■Bluetooth 5.2 photosensitive resin panel 8mm moving coil unit IP56 waterproof wireless earphone EPZ E200 SERIES

■ Dynamic driver (Pu+Pek+Titanium) Built-in 8mm diameter 3-layer (PU+PEK+Titanium) diaphragm. A wider soundstage retains more sonic detail..

■ Bluetooth 5.2 LE Audio function is added. EATT (Enhanced Attribute Protocol) function enables connection of multiple music devices. Equipped with LE Power Control to further reduce power consumption.

■ Correspondence codec New technology AAC/SBC 

AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) is a codec with lower delay and higher sound quality than SBC. 
The quantization bit rate/sampling frequency is 16bit/48kHz, and the latency (delay) is 120ms (±30ms) at 128kbps, which is mainly used in Apple products (iPhone/iPad). 
SBC (Sub Band Codec) is the standard codec for Bluetooth audio. The quantization bit rate / sampling frequency is 16bit / 48kHz, the latency (delay) is 220ms (±50ms), and in principle it can be played on all Bluetooth audio devices.

■ Supported Bluetooth profile A2DP/AVRCP/HFP/HSP/SPP

■ ENC Noise Cancellation (Environment Noise Cancellation) Cut Noise and Call Clearly: Various ambient noise can be removed through ENC noise cancellation (Environment Noise Cancellation). Eliminates over 90% of noise/environmental sounds such as city noise, wind noise, etc. *There may be individual differences in how noise reduction is perceived.

■ Easy pairing with one-touch to Apple devices / Android devices / PCs.

■ IP56 Waterproof
IP56 compliant dust and water resistance. Safe for sweat during sports.

■ Playback for up to 5 hours (up to 30 hours or more when using the charging case)
You can enjoy music for about 5h with one charge of the earphone, and with a quick charge function, it will fill up in 1.5 hours. When fully charged, charging will stop automatically to prevent overcharging.

■Pairing is done automatically when we open cover of box. When you take the earphones out of the case, they will automatically connect to your Bluetooth-enabled device. Charging starts automatically when the lid of the box is closed. Touch the multi-function area on the main unit to play/stop music. You can also receive calls using the hands-free microphone. Start hands-free using "Hey Siri" "OK Google".

■ Low delay mode of 60 milliseconds and high call quality that makes full use of microphone performance can be widely used for listening to music, gaming, telework, etc.

■ Acetic acid and photosensitive resin, handmade marble texture, CNC cutting, one-piece molding, delicate and bright colors assistant usage quality.

■ Industry-leading Power Class 2 Bluetooth 5.2 technology for wider connectivity and reduced dropouts.

■ HiFi sound

■ BLUETOOTH communication Usable distance: 10m

■ Ear tips that can be selected from 3 sizes realize comfortable wearing comfort and high airtightness.

■ The ergonomic canal design transforms into the unique contours of each ear and seals with a better fit.

■ Type C charging compatible

■ Color option Currently, 3 colors are available.