"EPZ K1 Wired Canal Earphone Molded with DLP 3D Printer"

■ [VGP 2022 Award]
EPZ K1 Series Awarded "VGP 2022" at Japan's Largest Audio & Visual Equipment Award "VGP 2022"

■ 1 EPZ 30095Balanced Armature + 1 DD Titanium Plated Large Type 9.2mm Dynamic Driver (Moving Coil Unit)

■ N52NDFEB Shell Titanium plating is used to improve magnetic flux. A custom titanium-coated diaphragm, along with a low frequency guarantee, further enhances analytical power, enhances human voice and high frequency performance, provides a stronger hierarchy and presents a realistic and rich sound. ..

■ HiFi sound

■ 26db noise canceling blocks the surrounding sounds and realizes a realistic sound.

■ Compatible with Apple devices / Android devices / PCs (Can be used with (standard TYPE-C adapter) (for Android). Can be used with Lightning adapter (for IPHONE).

■ Eartips that can be selected from 3 sizes realize comfortable wearing comfort and high airtightness.

■ The ergonomic canal design transforms into the unique contours of each ear and seals with a better fit.

■ 3.5mm Mini Plug

■ OFC Silver Plated Braided Wire (Cable Details) 1.2m Cable

■ Color option Currently, 4 colors are available.

Product Specification

Unit:1 Balanced Armature+1DD Titanium Plated Dynamic Driver 
Earphone Type:Canal type
Color Option:4 Colors
Sensitivity:110 ± 0.5db
Remote Control / Microphone:Remote control / Microphone Compatible
Frequency Response Range:20-20000Hz
Connection Terminal:Wired  }  φ3.5mm Gold Plated Mini Plug
Noise Canceling Function:Supports Noise Canceling(26db Noise Canceling)
Accessories:Cables, Protective Cases, Ergonomic Earpieces, User Manual
Cable Materials:OFC with 4 Core Pure Copper Silver Plated Wire
Cable Lenght:1.2m

Epz K1 Series