Unit:6mm Titanium Plated Composite Diaphragm (Moving Coil Unit)Single Driver
Earphone Size (H x W x D) mm  :24mm * 16mm * 22mm
Earphones Weight :One earphone 4.6 gr
Color Option:4 Colors
Maximum Input :DC 5V
Earphone Type :Canal Type
Sensitivity:100 ± 1db
Frequency Band:20-20KHz
Remote Control / Microphone:Remote control / Microphone Compatible
Function:Wireless (left and right separation)
Wireless Connection:Bluetooth
Bluetooth Class:Power Class 1
Bluetooth Profile:HSP / HFP / A2DP / AVRCP
Bluetooth Version:Bluetooth v5.2
Bluetooth Codec:APTX + ADAPTIVE / AAC / SBC
Waterproof and Drip-Proof:Fully Waterproof
Music Playback Time:11 hours
Case Charge Count :4 times
Case Charging Time :3 hours
Earphone Charging Time:2 hours
Charging Terminal :Wireless Charging
Accessories:USB Type C cable, Qi charging case, ergonomic earpiece, user manual
Charging Case Battery Capacity:800mAH
Driver unit: 6mm Titanium Plated Composite Diaphragm Moving Coil Unit
Earphone Battery Capacity: 3.7V / 65mAh


Bluetooth 5.2 "Qualcom QCC3040" Chipset "EPZ S350T SERIES molded with a 3D printer


■ 3D printer technology
The seamless cavity S350T integrated with 3D printer technology which is far superior to the production of conventional Bluetooth earphones, is skin-friendly and environmentally friendly. Protective and more comfortable to wear.

■ 6mm Titanium Plated Composite Diaphragm (Moving Coil Unit)SIngle Driver

■ N52NDFEB Shell Titanium plating is used to improve magnetic flux. A custom titanium-coated diaphragm, along with a low frequency guarantee, further enhances analytical power, enhances human voice and high frequency performance, provides a stronger hierarchy and presents a realistic and rich sound. ..

■ True Wireless Mirroring Technology
Left and right independent reception technology installed in Qualcomm's new Bluetooth SoC
(Left and right independent communication is possible regardless of the connected terminal. Even if either side is turned off during use, mirroring is possible. Another earphone is automatically connected and you can listen music and calls without interruption.)

■ Supported Bluetooth profile HSP / HFP / A2DP / AVRCP

■ Supported codecs Qualcomm's new technology APTX + ADAPTIVE / AAC / SBC
The codec aptX Adaptive developed by Qualcomm is a codec that combines high sound quality, low delay, and connection performance against sound interruption, and automatically adjusts the bit rate according to changes in the wireless reception environment to avoid sound interruption. It is designed to maintain sound quality in harsh wireless environments and provide users with optimal audio quality.

■ CVC8.0 noise canceling blocks out ambient sounds for a realistic sound.
Equipped with CVC8.0 noise canceling function, it cuts noise during a call and surrounding noise by 26dB, making it easy to hear the other party's voice even in a noisy environment and realizes a comfortable call.

■ Easy pairing with one-touch to Apple devices / Android devices / PCs.

■ IPX7 Wireless ear bud with fully waterproofing.
Looking at the "IPX7" column, "Even if it is temporarily (30 minutes) submerged in a certain water depth (1 m), it will not flood inside." Please be sure to avoid it.

■ Playback for up to 11 hours (up to 55 hours when using the charging case)
You can enjoy music for about 11 hours with one charge of the earphones, with a quick charge function, and it will fill up in 2 hours. When fully charged, charging will stop automatically to prevent overcharging.

■ When you take it out of the case, the power turns on automatically, so you can connect to a Bluetooth compatible device immediately, and touch the multifunction area of ​​the main unit to play / stop music. You can also receive a call with a hands-free microphone. Launch hands-free using "Hey Siri" and "OK Google".

■ Dual beamforming microphone that enhances call performance and voice assistant usage quality.

■ Industry-leading Power Class 1 Bluetooth 5.2 technology for wider connectivity and reduced dropouts.

■ HiFi sound

■ BLUETOOTH communication Usable distance: 20m

■ Ear tips that can be selected from 3 sizes realize comfortable wearing comfort and high airtightness.

■ The ergonomic canal design transforms into the unique contours of each ear and seals with a better fit.

■ USB Type C charging compatible, Qi charging compatible.

■ Color option Currently, 4 colors are available.

Epz S350T Series 

Product Specification